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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What happens if I lose my PR Card?
If you lost or had your PR Card stolen, you must contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Also, in both cases, it would be a good idea to report it to your local police authorities to ensure that no one who may come in possession of your card may use it.

2. Can I use my PR Card to travel outside of Canada?
No. Your PR card is not like a passport. You must still use your old passport (and any visas that you must have) to enter any foreign country including the United States. The Permanent Residence Card is not a travel document, it is an identification document to state your status in Canada. You may use it to get back into the country along with your valid passport.

3. If I applied for a PR card, can I leave the country?
Yes. You can leave the country even if you do not have a Card but you must notify one of the Canadian Visa offices abroad to obtain a travel document to be able to come back into Canada.

4. How much does a PR card cost?
There is a government fee of $50 for a PR card. This cost is included in the application for new permanent residents. Please remember that there will be extra costs if you use our service.

5. Do I have to have a PR card?
No, but it is a good idea to have one because you normally cannot otherwise prove your status. (Not all agencies will accept your record of landing.) You cannot return to Canada on a commercial carrier without a PR Card.

6. For how long is my PR card valid?
A PR card is valid for five years. If, after five years, you have not obtained Canadian citizenship you must renew your PR card. If you already have your citizenship, then your card has been voided since you became a citizen.

7. Do I have to be in Canada to apply for a PR card?
Yes. You must be in Canada in order to apply for one. If you are not in Canada, you have to apply for a Permanent Resident Travel Document.

8. How long does it take to get my PR card?
If you are applying for your PR card for the first time or renewing your card, it may take around 3-4 months for you to get your card without proof of urgency. Normally your card will be mailed to you, though occasionally you may be asked to pickup the Card in person.

9. What if my PR card expires while I’m outside the country?
If you are going to travel and your PR card will expire soon, please renew well in advance of leave the country. If you are outside of Canada when this happens, please contact a Visa office to obtain a Travel Document to enter back into the country.

10. What if my name changes due to a change in civil status?
If you changed your name because of a change of civil status, you must get a new PR card with the updated information.

11. What if my Permanent Resident Card is lost, destroyed or stolen, or I never received it?
If this happens you should immediately call Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

12. Do I have to have a Permanent Resident Card while I travel outside of Canada?
If you are travelling by commercial carrier, it is mandatory for all Canadian Permanent Residents to present a valid PR card, or Travel Document, to personnel before boarding any flight, bus, boat or train returning to Canada. There is one exception to this rule: if you are entering Canada by car, private boat or private plane, you will likely just receive a lecture at the border, and then be allowed into the country.

13. Do my children need one?
All Canadian Permanent Residents, including children, must show a valid PR card in order to re-enter Canada. Children of Canadian Permanent Residents who were born in Canada are Canadian Citizens and only need a valid Canadian Passport for re-entry to Canada.

14. The name that appears on my Canadian Permanent Resident Card is not complete.
There is only space for 20 letters for a last name and 15 letters for first and middle names on a PR card. If your name is longer than this it will be incomplete on your PR card, but that is completely acceptable and will not present a problem, even if the name that appears on you SIN card is complete, and therefore different from the name that appears on your PR card. If, however, your name is spelt incorrectly, you should call the IMMIgroup at 1-866-760-2623 and we will arrange for a replacement card to be sent with your name spelled properly. If there is a problem with your Record of Landing please call IMMIgroup as soon as possible.

15. Do I need my PR Card if I’m returning to Canada by car?
No. The PR card is only required for a return to Canada by commercial carrier, such as a boat, bus, train or airplane.

16. I hold a Record of Landing (IMM 1000); do I still need a Canadian Permanent Resident Card?
Yes. As of December 30, 2003 the IMM 1000 is no longer considered a valid document for return to Canada. This includes certified copies of IMM 1000 forms, IMM 1000 forms stamped “Not valid for travel" and Confirmation of Permanent Residence, or IMM 5292, forms. These documents will continue to be valid while you are outside of Canada, however in order to return to Canada you will need a PR card or a temporary Travel Document.

17. What do I do if I’m outside Canada and I don’t have my card?
Canadian Permanent residents who are outside of Canada and wish to return, but do not have a PR card, can apply for a Temporary Travel Document. The application must be downloaded and submitted to the applicable Canadian visa office.

18. In section B of the PR card application it asks for a work history for the last five years ?I haven’t been in Canada for that long, do I have to give a work history prior to immigrating?
No, you are only required to provide a work history for the years that you have been a Canadian Permanent Resident.

19. Will I ever need a Canadian Permanent Resident Card inside Canada?
It is possible that certain Canadian agencies will ask to see your PR card to verify whether or not you are eligible for certain programs and services. It is easier to provide your PR Card than a record of landing with photo ID.

20. How much does a Canadian Permanent Resident card cost?
For new immigrants the cost of a PR card is included in the overall fee for an application for permanent residence. If you are already a landed immigrant and do not have a PR Card, the cost to obtain one is $50 per applicant. Remember if you require assistance from an Immigroup representative there will be extra charges.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if my Canadian permanent resident card is lost, destroyed or stolen, or I never receive it?
A. If this happens, you should immediately call Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Q. Do I need a Canadian permanent resident card if I’m returning to Canada by car?
A. No. The PR card is only required for a return to Canada by commercial carrier, such as boat bus, train or airplace. Read all frequently asked questions

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